Mmm, great Christmas! Had a great time this weekend. (: Toooo much awesome food! Got some Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses... THEY ROCK! I love how no one can see me through the lens, haha. >:D My dad got me a gps so I'll quit stealing his... lol.

I just got home a few hours ago. I've been cleaning up and stuff since I've been here, and I have a complete list of stuff I need to do here tomorrow - take decorations down, lots of laundry, aklshgagkadg a LOT.

That's... all.



Sorry, I just have a lot of things on my mind at the moment that I need to get out.

Someone in my family called and left a message last week and I still haven't called them back. I think I'll do that tomorrow, but I don't know what to say.

I wish my mom was still here.

I really love Christmas time, but I think the one thing that irks me the most is when people think they have to spend tons of money to get "impressive" gifts. It's possible to get perfectly awesome presents and save money at the same time. I should know. :) Gifts are great, and I love getting something new just like everyone else, but it doesn't have to be expensive. I feel terrible when my dad spends a lot of money on stuff for me. Speaking of dad, that reminds me: I don't quite understand the concept of a parent giving their kid money to buy the PARENT'S gift(s), if they don't at least work for it. (I don't mean an actual job, cause I myself don't have one.) My dad always says "I'll give you some money so you can pick me out some stuff." *sigh* [[At least do chores/help out/do stuff to earn it!]] The money I've spent for Christmas came from me saving here and there from couponing, and selling stuff on eBay. I'm also big on getting discounts, so next time you go shopping, google "storexxxx printable coupons." ;)   

I have no respect for people who lie. Period. Especially when even confronted and found out, they STILL won't admit it. And then I'M to blame?!?!


I ordered a pair of weight lifting gloves for my dad via Amazon... since I have the free Amazon Prime (for college students), I got free 2-day shipping as usual. They're supposed to be here tomorrow... I just hope they're here in the morning or early afternoon before we leave for Christmas stuff. >.< Oh, I think they're the same brand as a pair he had before [for like 10 years o.o]. He doesn't remember the brand, but Dick's Sporting Goods didn't have the brand name on their site, so that helped me narrow it down a bit... they better at least be good quality.

I went to Bed Bath & Beyond today. I had moments of future planning - for my own house. It's gonna rock. >:D

I wish I could teleport. I'd go somewhere in the Caribbean to get a few hours of sun, and be right back for Christmas.

I love Christmas crowds, but OMG, it brings out some of the most horrible drivers.

There's a lot more, but I'm too tired to think of it. Maka'i po.


Step inside, walk this way.

Not much goin on here. It's 1:53am as I type, and I guess I'll go to bed in a minute. I'm thinking... Wednesday is gonna be a shopping day. Thrift stores and mall? VS start's their semi-annual sale today (technically it is Tuesday already) and I think Bath and Body Works does too. Usually, if you don't go the first couple of days, you won't get what you want. I always go towards the end, too, cause there is usually a good discount available to use with it.

I really need to list some things on eBay, and get it out of my house. I put everything on pause when school started, and got about halfway done with listing [some] things. Not only is it good money, but I need more space!


Oh, and I'm wondering when FB is gonna decide to import this. It's now 2am, 4/15/10.


An Interesting Read

I just started reading This Present Darkness again. I'm on chapter 19. :] 

I also found an article today, and I thought it was pretty interesting. There is one thing I'd like to add, though. The "Good Man" is a Christian, too. Anyway, here it is:

Hear me out in this one.

Whenever I think of both the women who complain about the nice guy, and the ones who talk about them, I wonder if the girls are aware they might be using the wrong terms for what they want. To me, I think that the man that they are really looking for is a good man, not a nice guy.

What I keep noticing sometimes is that when you are single and looking for a guy who sweeps you off your feet, some people constantly asks for the nice guy, when you really mean the good man. The nice guys are shy, and aims never to piss off to offend the woman in anyway, therefore getting no significant rises to make yourself interesting. The good man is a fair balance who knows his role as a man and as a lover. He's assertive, logical and fair with his love. He doesn't mind hurting or even crying for the love he has, but he also has the strength to stand back on his own two feet afterwards.

When he is in love, you can bet that his heart is yours and vice versa for keeps. He understands that when you want love, you don't want the guy who goes ridiculously overboard and smothering with his love. Just enough to assure you that the love is real. If by chance the love doesn't seem to go right, then he will do what he can to talk about it with his girl, assuming she wants to talk about there being an ending.

If you want to be treated like a queen, the good man doesn't mind doing that, as long as you both don't expect it or take him for a doormat. 

Basically, the good man has a backbone, knows what he wants out of life, is both nice and naughty, and is capable of treating you with the respect you deserve. Not all of them are exactly romantic or like the Stepford husband, but a good man does his part in love and in life to keep you satisfied. Basically, the good man is a little more well-adjusted.



I have like 3 and a half days til my birthday! And the BEACH! Can't wait. <3

I love my haircut! :DDDDD It's soooo lightweight, lol, which is what I wanted. It may be hard to tell in pictures, but the ends have been thinned out (but I still have length!) and the rest got chopped/layered/razored. I got fringe bangs, too. I'm not quite sure if I'll always wear them that way but at least I can if I want... I like them. <3

I recorded The Apprentice last night... I already heard that Bret Michaels won, but I'm about to watch it anyway! I'm so glad he won, he's gotta be the coolest person I've ever seen on that show.  :D

By the way, I'm so sad that The Vampire Diaries won't be on for a while. :(


I'm an 80s girl.

I wish I had been born back during the 80s. It has the absolute best music apart from new country... but sometimes I like it more than country music. It's just that the songs were so real, and pure sounding, because people didn't do voice-overs and tweak their songs so dang much to make it sound good. There were actually people who could sing WITHOUT music. There are some now, too, but not like it used to be.

Whenever I go shopping again, I'll be updating with some more rockish style clothing. I wanna be in the mix of beachy rock. LOL.

And I'm gonna get my hair cut before my birthday... it's a guaranteed thing. ;P I'm gonna keep it long, but I want something different. Not sure what yet. It won't be too major considering I'd never dye my hair or have highlights put in it. I just want to be able to tell I got it cut, and I want something more light, cause my hair is soooo thick.

so... it's 1:32. I think I need to go to bed if I want to actually get up in the morning.
I may be out of school, but I have a lot of cleaning that needs to be done, and frankly, I'd rather not have to do during the weekend.



A few obsessions...

I cleaned up after I got home today. Put clothes in the wash, cleaned the kitchen, and swept. I opened the cabinet door under the sink to grab some spray cleaner for the counters and I thought "OMG I've got to get some more Swiffer refills!!!!!!!!! >:[ And this spray bottle is almost empty. I'm so glad I have like 5 more bottles downstairs!!! <3333"

...Is that weird?

I mean, I got freakin' excited because I have more cleaning supplies stocked up. Thanks to couponing, I have a few boxes of Swiffer cloths (but I go through them fast) and a lot of clorox wipes, all-purpose spray cleaner, handsoap, and dish liquid. It's like, unreal. And I don't even have 1/4 the amount that some people do, but I'm SO HAPPY!!!

Anyway. I realized some some new obsessions today.
  1. I love cleaning supplies. Not all of them, but I have favorites. Lysol/Clorox wipes, All-Purpose cleaner of any kind, and my swiffer stuff.
  2. If I start cleaning one small area, I have to clean the rest of the house. It's inevitable. 
  3. I love ogling at my small little stockpile I'm slowly building. I love it because it makes me happy to look at all of the stuff I love using, that I got FREE. I'm thinking of taking a few pics just to document where I'm at now and compare it to a few months from now.
Yep, that's me. Sometimes I feel like a crazed housewife. 


Get. Me. Out. Of. HERE!

20 days until I'll be at the beach! I'll be 19! :D So excited.

I can't wait to get out of here. Out of the house, out of Birmingham, down to the beach. I need it bad. I have such a reduction in my stress amount that it's not even funny. Is it possible for the ocean, sun, and sand to be a bad thing? Heck no. When I'm there, I don't have problems. I don't have anything to worry about. I'm away! 

I have finals this week. PreCal Monday, Spanish Tuesday, and CP Wednesday. -.- I'm ready for it to be over.




I need to update my wardrobe. :[ I need $ to make that happen, LOL. I can't wait til I'm out of school, because I'm gonna start back selling on eBay. I tried it DURING school, but it just adds to my load of stress and doesn't work.

I'm going to the beach for my birthday!!! :D I'm so happy. Tanning, skimboarding, ooooo I can't wait. I'll come back dark, tired, and skinned up (most likely). BRING IT ON! >:]

I have $30 in gift cards to use at VS by the end of the month... I'm gonna get a swimsuit. Not sure which one but I have a few picked out. Definitely a strapless one, though. So cute. :D I'm gonna look for one at PacSun too.

But yeah, I want some new summer clothes. Dresses, really. And some gladiator sandals. I'm in love with those!


Something new.

I'm gonna make a new layout for this blog. A different color theme, at least. I got an idea for a really cool background but I dunno yet. I wish I remembered CSS coding, because I'd love to make a new layout from scratch.

Oh well. I have music on here now! :D


Whataya want from me?

Oh wow, I love that song. It's the first song of Adam Lambert's that I've listened to - he performed on AI last week and sang it. I LOVE IT! I bought it on iTunes. :) I may get the album, but I dunno.

Go find it on mixpod or playlist, I'm sure one of them has it. Or YouTube the performance. I'd post it, but I'm getting close to my monthly 5Gb limit, and it doesn't reset til the 23rd @ midnight. >:[

He is such a great artist. I know he's gay and all that, but he's still an amazing singer, and his stage presence is really unique.

[[I wouldn't even try, but I think you could save my life.]]

I updated the April savings section over on the right... for the most part. I still have a few things to add to it, but they're very small. I'm so happy with the savings percentage!!!


It's been a little over 4 years.

56 days til my birthday.
can't wait.
don't know what i'm doing yet, though...

I actually got a lot done around the house yesterday, apart from the usual cleaning. I found things I didn't want to find. I cleaned out all the bottom cabinets, and a few things were in there that I remember seeing at one point in my life but that's about it. The thing is, I haven't really wanted to clean places like the spare bedrooms, because I just don't know what to do with the stuff. These kitchen cabinets were a little easier though because, well, there weren't really "memorabilia" things in it. But I did find two Softball National Champs patches, and a couple of other things in a box.

When it comes to cleaning places that hold items that aren't mine, I just... don't know. I don't want to throw them away, because they're my mom's, and I want every connection with her possible. I know I SHOULD throw them away, because I don't need them, won't use them, etc, but it's still hard. Sometimes I can make myself do it, but other times I begin to clean, then stop and put things right back where they were and give up.

I'm sick of it, though. I'm sick of never having enough strength to do things. It's not that I can't do it, I just... won't. Sometimes I feel like I'm falling to pieces, even as much as try to act like I'm not.

But y'know, that's how it is spiritually too. We find things that mean something to us and won't give them up. [I'm not speaking of good things anymore], but bad ones. We like keeping those things because we desire them, need them. But the truth is, we don't. They're ruining our lives. Killing us inside and out. Characteristics, physical items, morals...

Do you think God wants us to keep unGodly things in our life?

"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." Micah 6:8

I know I'm not always a good Christian, but that doesn't mean God doesn't care about me, and that I can't fix my life, no matter how far I've gotten.

Who is it that overcomes the world? Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God. - 1 John 5:5


A note for you

I took that pic! (:

“And now, Israel, what does the Lord your God require of you? He requires only that you fear the Lord your God, and live in a way that pleases him, and love him and serve him with all your heart and soul." Deuteronomy 10:12

I love this verse! When I find one I like I usually write in somewhere, like in my planner, somewhere in my room, a piece of paper in my purse, or in a notebook. I do it because I'll stumble across it in a few days and it'll be a good reminder. Sometimes when I get so far away, that's what I need to help get me back on track with God. Even if I'm not, it's still something small that will guarantee a lift in my spirits. So whenever you come across a verse that makes you smile, feel good, or just gives you hope, write it down. When you see it again, you'll smile. Trust me. (:


Spring cleaning.

Well, since it's spring break... time for spring cleaning. >:/
It's not that bad, though. Add music and it's a good time. ;) The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script is one of my favorite songs EVER.

I just weighed in at 123... that's a low for me (in the past 6 months). Hm, oh well. I worked out this morning, though - I seriously need it.

My basement is like total chaos right now (not that it wasn't already like that...) but now even more so since I've drug out everything to clean and such, and I don't concentrate in one spot at a time - I can't concentrate on one at a time... I look at something else that needs to be done and then I quit what I'm currently doing to go over to it.

My mind just isn't built normal. I'm okay with that.


Today's Trip

Mkay so I went to Publix and Walgreen's today... did pretty good. :]

Publix -
Total: $119.89
OOP: $47.15
Saved: $72.74 [61%]

Here are only the "free" items I got [after store sales & coupons]

Walgreens -
Total: $34.21
OOP: $3.91
Saved: $30.3 [88%]

WG items:

yay makeup! :D the eyeliner is hard to see, but they're sooo pretty.



The rain just completely ruined the day.

It seems as if there is something bad happening every day, or close to it. A fire, an earthquake, something. Sometimes I feel as if this is beginning of the whole Revelation period, and in a way it is, I mean, it's all a beginning at one point. But when will it actually happen?

I think a lot of people aren't expecting it to happen any time soon - Christian or not. Sure there are probably some, but with the way things are going right now it doesn't seem as if anyone is concerned with what's going on and the fact that one day it WILL happen.

I dunno. That probably makes no sense.

I'm so sick of listening to the news. It's just one thing after another. And will they please just SHUT UP about the gambling!!!! "oh, let's meet and work it out." "Oh, gambling is illegal." "Oh, I don't know." Please, just make it illegal and be done with it. THAT'S WHAT IT IS.

It just seems like the society as a whole is going down the drain and no one is willing to step up for what's right. Like there is no God.

But guess what? THERE IS.

Now that I'm done with that, I think I'll go take some Advil. my back is absolutely killing me.


Oh, pray for the family of Layla Grace. She died today at 2 years old due to cancer.


A few things

First, I wish I could speak to the person who chained their dog to a vehicle and drug them... (the dog somehow lived). WHAT is wrong with you? How would you feel if someone chained you to a car and did that? Seriously?

Second, I cannot WAIT 'til summer. I need warm weather. Sunshine. Water. A tan.

Third, I just thought I'd post a little bit on myself. (:
You may or may not know these...

...I figure I'm pretty dang unique. I'm a Christian. I'm 1/4 Hawaiian. I'm not all-out country but I'm not ashamed to be called so, because I like it. I really love the oldies rock, and like the overall rock&roll style. Clothing, hair, etc. I'm athletic, but I also like dressing up and just being pretty. I really do like to be crazy and just have fun when I get the opportunity. I like who I am. (:

...I frequently miss the correct exit, turn, etc. if I don't really know where I'm going or I haven't been there before. This really only happens when I'm trying to find something that's located amongst a ton of other things...

...I can't stand it when I'm walking in the store or anywhere crowded and someone just STOPS right in front of me. And if you're gonna stop for more than a few seconds, at least move off to the side so people don't trip over you or run into someone else trying to go around you.

...If you ever find me in a grocery store, please don't think I'm going to be in a hurry. I take my time unless I'm like tired or I just want to leave/go home.

...I wish I could find people to take pictures of. I'd really like to take pictures of shadows, you know like people walking, or something. And just for the fun of it, I would really love to get those really cool pictures taken on the beach - you know, like sitting in the sand, in the water, walking along the shore, sitting on the rocks, just pretty pictures. (: But I can't take them myself, OF myself... hahaha. I'd love to make my own portfolio of pictures I've taken - I think photography is one of the easiest but sometimes hardest type of art.

...I've always wanted to have a "movie marathon." Just get a bunch of movies I've never seen and watch them one evening/night.


A realization

Today... was long. Very long. Didn't have to get up but I woke up at 6am without my clock, got up, went back to bed 10min later. Got up again at 9.

I read something yesterday that just struck me... You can't ignore the fact that you're a Christian.

I go day-to-day with my usual routine. I get in the habit of not reading my Bible - a lot. But, ya know, there's always that one little thought in the back of my head telling me who I am. I'm a daughter of God. I'm not some stranger that roams the city going in and out of places, not some random person who He decided to become a part of. He chose me [in a sense]. I can't run from it. That's a good thing.

People who don't keep Him involved in their lives regularly get totally away from everything. I've been one of these people more than once and I always will be... I get this empty feeling; I need something... I need Him.

Last week I went to the Hoover Library. I was looking around the fiction books for something by Peretti. There was a guy on that aisle looking at other books. I picked up one from the shelf and was flipping through it, and he asked if I had any good recommendations, cause he was new to reading Peretti's books. I told him he should read Piercing the Darkness, and explained the basic idea of it; It's Christian fiction, but a non-Christian would enjoy it just as much (and hopefully it'd be of some help to them), just to throw that out there... I'm not sure if he was saved or not because I didn't ask. I regret not doing so, but if he's not I hope that reading that book opens up a new perspective for him.

Maybe one day I can be an impact on someone. I may not know if I am (like the book thing)... but if it meant helping someone spiritually, i'm perfectly fine with that.

*** Have you ever looked fear in the face
and said "I just don’t care?" ***


Roses are red, violets are blue, I love music, how 'bout you?

I'm not really into sappy movies. I like watching one now and then, but they're always so sad that I hate watching them. I saw the Notebook one time, and that's enough for me. I like watching comedy romance, but nothing vulgar... lol . I wanna see the new movies Valentine's Day and When In Rome. :]

I have a list of my favorite songs, though. No particular order.

1) Come A Little Closer - Dierks Bentley
2) I Wanna Make You Close Your Eyes - Dierks Bentley
3) Must Be Doin' Something Right - Billy Currington
4) Then - Brad Paisley
5) Fall - Clay Walker
6) Hysteria - Def Leppard
7) Have You Ever Needed Someone So Bad - Def Leppard
8) Soon As You Can - Dierks Bentley
9) Faithfully - Journey
10) You Save Me - Kenny Chesney
11) I Just Call You Mine - Martina McBride
12) I Melt With You - Modern English
13) Umbrella - Rihanna Ft. Jay Z & Chris Brown ... because it's awesome like that
14) The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
15) Don't Think I Can't Love You - Jake Owen
16) Photograph - Def Leppard

Don't Give Up On Me by Jason Aldean, and Love Remembers by Craig Morgan are good songs, too.

vote for my entries & spread the link, please? (:


"Free" post :D

Check ittttt.

I got a coupon in the mail for a free pack of the golden/vanilla oreos. I signed up for it like a week and half ago, it was a promo on facebook if the colts won one of their games. so that's where that came from. The rest of it was free in some way or another. (the only thing not "free" was the boxes of Soy Joy bars and Joint Juice, but...

Soy Joy box x 2 = $12
Got back (2) $6 ECB (extra care bucks at CVS)

Joint Juice = $10
Got back a $10 RR (register reward at Walgreen's)

And I bought all three of them using ECB and RR i earned from previous things.

Other than that, I got 7 individual bowls of Kashi cereal, 3 of them were marked down to .84 and the other 4 were $1. I used (3) $1/1 coupons and (2) $3/2. So I got all of them free PLUS overage to cover a little bit of the other stuff. 7 muskateer bars. Revlon tweezer w/bonus one. Two packs of Post It things, can't think of the name right now >:/

all freeeee

go me!


a rather long post

11. I'm about to go to bed.
BUT I've been wanting to post for a long time and now i'm finally getting around to it.

I went to publix like a week and a half ago and got roughly $60 worth for $19. I have the receipt around here but i'm just too beat to dig it out and post everything!

Last week I went to CVS and got 4 bottles of Glade Fabric & Air Refreshing Spray or w/e to start off my ECB [Extra Care Bucks - each week & month they offer ECBs on certain items.] For every bottle, you get $3 ECB. [limit 3] I bought four because I had two BOGO [Buy One Get One] coupons. Apart from them being on sale, I also got $9 ECB, and I'll get a $5 rebate from an SC Johnson promo for buying 3 of their products. I had the math all figured out when I bought them, but I will make $2 once I get the rebate. I also got those $9 ECB to use for the next offers that come up.

A couple of days later I went and got 10 Powerade drinks (the regular size/big bottles) and 10 regular canned pringles for free. There was a deal going where you get $10 ECB for buying $25 worth of P&G / Coke products.

10 Powerade @ 10/$10, 10 Pringles @ 2/$3.
Used 10 tearpad coupons found in the store to get $1 off when you buy powerade AND a can of pringles.
----- Total: $25 - $10 Qs - $9 ECB from previous trip = $6 + tax.
----- I got back $10 ECB which covered what I had paid out of pocket.

Usually I'm not going to do those kinds of deals because they rarely have coupons for coke products or anything that requires an amount such as a $25 purchase... BUT the drinks & chips will be used eventually, so no worries. It was worth it. If I had been shopping at CVS for a while already I probably would have had some more ECB to use to cover that $6. But I've just started, sooo... I didn't have a choice, lol.

I went to Walgreen's last week, too. One offer was $5 RR [Register Rewards... they're just like ECB from CVS, same concept.] for 2 nivea lotions or something like that... i don't remember. I got two items on sale and used two coupons. Paid like $3 and then got my $5 RR - so I MADE $2!

Yesterday, I went to Walgreen's after church and got Joint Juice - it's little packets you mix in water, like crystal light etc, but it's good especially for active people. It's regular $21.99 for a box of 30 (idk who in their right mind would pay that), but it's on sale for $10 AND you get $10 RR. I used my $5 from the last time I went and just paid $5 out of pocket. So technically I got it free, considering the register rewards I got.

I planned on spending a little bit to get this stuff going, but now I won't have to worry about that again. I have $10 ECB and $10 RR to use on the next set of deals that come up!

Today, I went to Walgreen's AGAIN (it's only 2 minutes from Samford, so is CVS... but I like the CVS in McCalla better I think). A couple of things I got included a bottle of the new Dove Men's Bodywash. It was $5.99 and got $6 RR for it. [that means it was freeeee] I had a coupon for $1.50 off any Dove Men's, so I MADE $1.50! Also got 4 3 musketeer bars... hahaha. With a store coupon they were .49 each, and I got $1.50 RR for buying 4. This isn't an advertised deal, it showed up at the beginning of the month then they took signs down, but it's going all month long. After the math, $1.96 - $1.50 RR i got = .46 or .12 each!

I did two other transactions. Used combined RRs I had (I had $10 worth considering a few other things I got too), I got ANOTHER Joint Juice, used the $10 rewards, and got $10 back.

Then I used THAT $10 to do the whole Dove + other things offers.
Got $10 back.


In short, I got 2 bags of stuff from there today for free and I still have $10 RR to use next time.

Yeah, I know that's a long post. If you DID read it, sorry, lol. I'm going to keep it short and simple next time I do a post on this stuff, but it's hard to explain if you've never done it yourself.

I'm going to abbreviate most of the time, because it's just a lot easier.

Q = coupon

MM or Overage = Moneymaker; Anything that you earn money off of. (Ex: 1 Dove @ $5.99. Use $1.50 off coupon and get back $6 RR... you've made $1.50 - this is a moneymaker :P) Overage is the same thing...

RR = Register Rewards: Come from Walgreen's. They print up on separate sheets (if you buy 2 diff items that both offer RR, you will get 2 papers.) That makes them easy to use, because they're in smaller amounts. If I want to use a $5 RR I have, my total must be $5 BEFORE tax.

ECB = Extra Care Bucks: Come from CVS. Whatever you purchase that offer ECBs will be combined and printed at the bottom of the receipt (just tear it off).

Basic rules: #1) At CVS or Walgreen's you can only have as many coupons / RR / ECB as you have ITEMS. If I have three different RRs, I need to get three items. Same goes for one RR and two coupons - must have three items. You can toss in a "filler" such as a pencil (like .25) to add to the item total if you need to. In-ad coupons do not count in this rule, though.

#2) CVS always has limits on the amount of times you can earn ECBs from an item. (Like the Glade deal; Limit was 3.) Walgreen's, however, does not have a limit. BUT you cannot earn RR for the same item more than once IF it's all in one transaction. If I wanted to buy two bodywash and earn RR on both of them, I would need to split them up and buy them separately. Same goes for Joint Juice, and anything else like that. That's not so bad though, because you can do the offer as many times as you want while it's available.

#3) You can't use ECB or RR that you earned from a certain item to purchase that SAME item again. Ex: I bought 1 Dove Men's and got $6 RR. I can't use that RR to buy another Dove Men's. I have to use it on something else... [That sucks, too.] You'll have to figure out how to use it on a different item(s) to get more RR, to re-do the offer without spending your own money. *My plan is/was going back and forth between Joint Juice and the combination of the Dove & other items.

#4) Coupons are stackable. At 99% of the stores, you can use one manufacturer coupon AND one store coupon. But again, at stores such as CVS & Walgreen's, you gotta have the same number of items as coupons no matter what their source is. The only other store I've used them at is Publix, and they don't care. You can have one item and use 2 coupons. If you end up with overage, they will most likely change the price of the item until it becomes free. You won't get actual cash, just a free product; If I know I'm going to have overage, I'll throw in something else I need and that overage will count towards my total cost.

Rolling: This when you take an ECB or RR and use it to buy something that will produce more ECB or RR...

There is an expiration on both ECB and RR - be sure to use them, don't just put them away somewhere and forget about them.

I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting something but I doubt you people care anyway LOL. In the case one of you might actually try "couponing," just ask me if you need help... :D

** OHHHHHHHHHHH, I found out the Dollar Tree in Hueytown sells Sunday papers for $1. Guess where I'm headed before church from now on? ;)

But if anyone can get a hold of free inserts or something let me know and I'll work something out with you. I already have a small stockpile of things LOL so i'll be able to "pay" you somehow haha.

I know this is such a boring post... hahaha.

don't have class til 1 tomorrow, but it's time for bed or i'll pass out.


Run, run, run.

The Conquer Cancer Run was absolutely incredible. The results aren't up yet but I'm sure they will be soon. It's amazing to see that many people come out (I imagine there were some who didn't because of the weather)...

One of the things Brenda said before it began was how there were going to be a lot of hills. You may get tired, sore, and want to give up, but you keep climbing them because once you reach the top there is no other feeling like it. You have a high, an assurance that you CAN do it. It might be tough, but that's when you push yourself to continue, to give it everything you have. You climb every hill like it's the last.

I met a girl that was 25 years old. A survivor. She was diagnosed at age 19 and now they say her cancer is gone - she just hit the 5 year mark. I've never actually met someone that young that was a cancer patient/survivor until then...

The 8k run started at 8am; The 1 mile walk/run started at 8:45.

I still can't believe how great it was! Last year was fun, too, but it just felt so much more real this time. It took place on St. Vincents One Nighteen and we ran through Greystone - beautiful place! Some of the people living there stood outside and cheered for the runners as did the volunteers for the event. At one corner along the road there was a truck with a man and his two little boys sitting in the back holding up signs! All of those people were such an encouragement!! It was definitely not boring. I also think that it's much easier to run when you have others around you, because you feed off their energy and their drive, you want to keep going too and give it all. Regardless of the weather, it was still fun - it just took a few minutes after it started to get warmed up hahaha. I wore my sliding shorts (it actually helped keep me warm) underneath my sweats, and my Under Amour tank for the base layer... a fleece jacket over that and then a lightweight rain jacket/windbreaker. Oh, and a headband that covered my ears haha. About halfway through I was finally sweating.

I really can't wait til next year. I finished this one in an hour and 8 min!!!!!!!!!!! lol that's not that great but I'm happy I finished with it. I think if I had ran more beforehand and trained better then I would've had a shot at the top 3 for my group. [0-19 females] BUT I will still be 19 during the run next year so I'm gonna shoot for that!

Running for cancer is one of the most exhilarating things. When I run, I think about what I'm doing for and why I'm doing it. It's about more than raise money towards finding a cure, it's also about showing your support, and doing it for all of those out there who can't.

Anyway, there's nothing that can be said about a cancer victim other than they're one HECK of a fighter.


Please don't rain

I haven't eaten anything today. I did get this drink called Chocolate Elvis at the smoothie place by Trak Shak today... it's supposed to be some kind of energy drink. And according to the nutrition info that sucker sure has some CARBS in it hahaha... and lots of protein. It's good I guess, first time I've had it. Tastes like... peanut butter. It's got that, bananas, cocoa, yogurt, and nonfat milk in it.

I wanna get dressed up!

And the 8k run is in the morning... omjeez it's gonna be cold. :( High is 40 degrees, man! 20% chance of rain... i'm doomed if that happens.

time to kick butt!

I picked my registration packet up earlier after school, the shirt is so cool! But it swallows me whole. :/ And it's a SMALL; I guess it runs big, maybe if I dry it it'll shrink. Last year it was long sleeve... im not a big fan of long sleeve [depends what kind of shirt it is though, i like anything that feels worn in] this year it's dark blue short sleeve - so much better! it's one of those athletic shirts... jersey material.

They're gonna have all the vendor/sponsor booths set up again... hope I can get free chick-fil-a and coffee this time too LOL. I won a facial at a spa over on 280, too. <3

That's at 8am over on St. Vincent's 119.

I hope I finish in the top few for my age group. It probably won't happen because there will probably be these little marathon runners or track members out there... but i'm gonna try.


stupid clothes

man, it sucks. i found a "little black dress" today that I wanted SO bad. only problem is that I guess somewhere had returned it, IDK, but there was a wire in the top area that just dug into my rib. >:[ Other than that, it was perfect. and DUDE it was like a $40 dress marked down to $7.88. it was the last one left, too. oh well.

I need to just create my own clothing line. Yeah, that'd be great... lol.

this day is just going by too slow.



Thunder, thunder, thunder. It makes me uneasy to sleep while it's lightning and/or thundering. :/

Simply put, I'm a pack-rat. I attempted to go through some stuff in one of the spare rooms because I'm running out of places to put things and there's a lot of stuff I really don't need to keep anymore. The bad thing is that I can look at something, try to think of ways I'll use it / why I need it, come up blank, and continue to keep it due to the fact that I hate getting rid of stuff. I keep trying to tell myself "you need this. don't throw it away." "You'll wish you had kept it." ... that's aggravating. I have to make myself throw it away, or put it in a bag to take to the Salvation Army. I'm done with that room for now and I'll finish it in the morning.

I also just ate a whole meal for the first time today. Haven't really had an appetite. I did cook earlier, but when I got done I was no longer hungry. go figure.

If anyone can get their hands on extra inserts from the sunday papers, let me know. When I get some stuff I'll make it up to you!



I hope one day I get to see this group in concert. That'll prob never happen but I can dream. ;P

Hahahahahaha so today I've hurt myself like 5x, literally. I've hit my toe on the vacuum, my arm on the cabinet door... i dont remember what else, but I have. >:/

My boots came today!!!! haha I love them. They're black, and almost go up to my knee. i've been wanting a pair FOREVER.

I wanna dress up for some reason. Like jeans, cute dressy top and my boots. I just wanna be girly. :]



I haven't been able to get one good night of sleep in months.
It sucks, bad.
When I sleep, I have nightmares. Every. Single. Night.
It makes me not want to sleep.
I used to love sleeping because it passes time. It's comfy, warm, and yeah. Also because I'm so out of it.
But now I hate it.
I know I have to sleep... or my body is going to eventually shut down.
I just try to stay away from my bed as long as possible.

I guess I'm going to the Y in the morning to run. I really need to run.
I have pretty much 24 days until the 8k run... and i'm really dreading the weather.


A few resolutions

I have a huge list, but I don't feel like writing them all. Here are a few in no particular order, except for the first:

.Read my Bible more.
.Eat healthier and drink more water.
.Exercise and run at least 3x/week. No excuses.
.De-clutter my closets & clothes drawers from things I haven't worn in years and probably won't again. It's not a lot, but it's a waste of space. I'll sell them on eBay. HA.
.Broaden my cooking abilities.
.Have more confidence in myself.
.Let my creativity flow. Write more. Draw more. Whenever I feel something, take it to paper.
.Beat RockBand 2. HAHA.
.Become known on YouTube. <- This may or may not happen, but that'd be cool, wouldn't it?
.Spend a day at the beach. That's what I want for my birthday. It doesn't have to be ON my birthday, but yeah you get it. I don't care if I have to drive myself at 4am to spend the day there and come back, I'd love that.