A few obsessions...

I cleaned up after I got home today. Put clothes in the wash, cleaned the kitchen, and swept. I opened the cabinet door under the sink to grab some spray cleaner for the counters and I thought "OMG I've got to get some more Swiffer refills!!!!!!!!! >:[ And this spray bottle is almost empty. I'm so glad I have like 5 more bottles downstairs!!! <3333"

...Is that weird?

I mean, I got freakin' excited because I have more cleaning supplies stocked up. Thanks to couponing, I have a few boxes of Swiffer cloths (but I go through them fast) and a lot of clorox wipes, all-purpose spray cleaner, handsoap, and dish liquid. It's like, unreal. And I don't even have 1/4 the amount that some people do, but I'm SO HAPPY!!!

Anyway. I realized some some new obsessions today.
  1. I love cleaning supplies. Not all of them, but I have favorites. Lysol/Clorox wipes, All-Purpose cleaner of any kind, and my swiffer stuff.
  2. If I start cleaning one small area, I have to clean the rest of the house. It's inevitable. 
  3. I love ogling at my small little stockpile I'm slowly building. I love it because it makes me happy to look at all of the stuff I love using, that I got FREE. I'm thinking of taking a few pics just to document where I'm at now and compare it to a few months from now.
Yep, that's me. Sometimes I feel like a crazed housewife. 

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