Run, run, run.

The Conquer Cancer Run was absolutely incredible. The results aren't up yet but I'm sure they will be soon. It's amazing to see that many people come out (I imagine there were some who didn't because of the weather)...

One of the things Brenda said before it began was how there were going to be a lot of hills. You may get tired, sore, and want to give up, but you keep climbing them because once you reach the top there is no other feeling like it. You have a high, an assurance that you CAN do it. It might be tough, but that's when you push yourself to continue, to give it everything you have. You climb every hill like it's the last.

I met a girl that was 25 years old. A survivor. She was diagnosed at age 19 and now they say her cancer is gone - she just hit the 5 year mark. I've never actually met someone that young that was a cancer patient/survivor until then...

The 8k run started at 8am; The 1 mile walk/run started at 8:45.

I still can't believe how great it was! Last year was fun, too, but it just felt so much more real this time. It took place on St. Vincents One Nighteen and we ran through Greystone - beautiful place! Some of the people living there stood outside and cheered for the runners as did the volunteers for the event. At one corner along the road there was a truck with a man and his two little boys sitting in the back holding up signs! All of those people were such an encouragement!! It was definitely not boring. I also think that it's much easier to run when you have others around you, because you feed off their energy and their drive, you want to keep going too and give it all. Regardless of the weather, it was still fun - it just took a few minutes after it started to get warmed up hahaha. I wore my sliding shorts (it actually helped keep me warm) underneath my sweats, and my Under Amour tank for the base layer... a fleece jacket over that and then a lightweight rain jacket/windbreaker. Oh, and a headband that covered my ears haha. About halfway through I was finally sweating.

I really can't wait til next year. I finished this one in an hour and 8 min!!!!!!!!!!! lol that's not that great but I'm happy I finished with it. I think if I had ran more beforehand and trained better then I would've had a shot at the top 3 for my group. [0-19 females] BUT I will still be 19 during the run next year so I'm gonna shoot for that!

Running for cancer is one of the most exhilarating things. When I run, I think about what I'm doing for and why I'm doing it. It's about more than raise money towards finding a cure, it's also about showing your support, and doing it for all of those out there who can't.

Anyway, there's nothing that can be said about a cancer victim other than they're one HECK of a fighter.


Please don't rain

I haven't eaten anything today. I did get this drink called Chocolate Elvis at the smoothie place by Trak Shak today... it's supposed to be some kind of energy drink. And according to the nutrition info that sucker sure has some CARBS in it hahaha... and lots of protein. It's good I guess, first time I've had it. Tastes like... peanut butter. It's got that, bananas, cocoa, yogurt, and nonfat milk in it.

I wanna get dressed up!

And the 8k run is in the morning... omjeez it's gonna be cold. :( High is 40 degrees, man! 20% chance of rain... i'm doomed if that happens.

time to kick butt!

I picked my registration packet up earlier after school, the shirt is so cool! But it swallows me whole. :/ And it's a SMALL; I guess it runs big, maybe if I dry it it'll shrink. Last year it was long sleeve... im not a big fan of long sleeve [depends what kind of shirt it is though, i like anything that feels worn in] this year it's dark blue short sleeve - so much better! it's one of those athletic shirts... jersey material.

They're gonna have all the vendor/sponsor booths set up again... hope I can get free chick-fil-a and coffee this time too LOL. I won a facial at a spa over on 280, too. <3

That's at 8am over on St. Vincent's 119.

I hope I finish in the top few for my age group. It probably won't happen because there will probably be these little marathon runners or track members out there... but i'm gonna try.


stupid clothes

man, it sucks. i found a "little black dress" today that I wanted SO bad. only problem is that I guess somewhere had returned it, IDK, but there was a wire in the top area that just dug into my rib. >:[ Other than that, it was perfect. and DUDE it was like a $40 dress marked down to $7.88. it was the last one left, too. oh well.

I need to just create my own clothing line. Yeah, that'd be great... lol.

this day is just going by too slow.



Thunder, thunder, thunder. It makes me uneasy to sleep while it's lightning and/or thundering. :/

Simply put, I'm a pack-rat. I attempted to go through some stuff in one of the spare rooms because I'm running out of places to put things and there's a lot of stuff I really don't need to keep anymore. The bad thing is that I can look at something, try to think of ways I'll use it / why I need it, come up blank, and continue to keep it due to the fact that I hate getting rid of stuff. I keep trying to tell myself "you need this. don't throw it away." "You'll wish you had kept it." ... that's aggravating. I have to make myself throw it away, or put it in a bag to take to the Salvation Army. I'm done with that room for now and I'll finish it in the morning.

I also just ate a whole meal for the first time today. Haven't really had an appetite. I did cook earlier, but when I got done I was no longer hungry. go figure.

If anyone can get their hands on extra inserts from the sunday papers, let me know. When I get some stuff I'll make it up to you!



I hope one day I get to see this group in concert. That'll prob never happen but I can dream. ;P

Hahahahahaha so today I've hurt myself like 5x, literally. I've hit my toe on the vacuum, my arm on the cabinet door... i dont remember what else, but I have. >:/

My boots came today!!!! haha I love them. They're black, and almost go up to my knee. i've been wanting a pair FOREVER.

I wanna dress up for some reason. Like jeans, cute dressy top and my boots. I just wanna be girly. :]



I haven't been able to get one good night of sleep in months.
It sucks, bad.
When I sleep, I have nightmares. Every. Single. Night.
It makes me not want to sleep.
I used to love sleeping because it passes time. It's comfy, warm, and yeah. Also because I'm so out of it.
But now I hate it.
I know I have to sleep... or my body is going to eventually shut down.
I just try to stay away from my bed as long as possible.

I guess I'm going to the Y in the morning to run. I really need to run.
I have pretty much 24 days until the 8k run... and i'm really dreading the weather.


A few resolutions

I have a huge list, but I don't feel like writing them all. Here are a few in no particular order, except for the first:

.Read my Bible more.
.Eat healthier and drink more water.
.Exercise and run at least 3x/week. No excuses.
.De-clutter my closets & clothes drawers from things I haven't worn in years and probably won't again. It's not a lot, but it's a waste of space. I'll sell them on eBay. HA.
.Broaden my cooking abilities.
.Have more confidence in myself.
.Let my creativity flow. Write more. Draw more. Whenever I feel something, take it to paper.
.Beat RockBand 2. HAHA.
.Become known on YouTube. <- This may or may not happen, but that'd be cool, wouldn't it?
.Spend a day at the beach. That's what I want for my birthday. It doesn't have to be ON my birthday, but yeah you get it. I don't care if I have to drive myself at 4am to spend the day there and come back, I'd love that.