A realization

Today... was long. Very long. Didn't have to get up but I woke up at 6am without my clock, got up, went back to bed 10min later. Got up again at 9.

I read something yesterday that just struck me... You can't ignore the fact that you're a Christian.

I go day-to-day with my usual routine. I get in the habit of not reading my Bible - a lot. But, ya know, there's always that one little thought in the back of my head telling me who I am. I'm a daughter of God. I'm not some stranger that roams the city going in and out of places, not some random person who He decided to become a part of. He chose me [in a sense]. I can't run from it. That's a good thing.

People who don't keep Him involved in their lives regularly get totally away from everything. I've been one of these people more than once and I always will be... I get this empty feeling; I need something... I need Him.

Last week I went to the Hoover Library. I was looking around the fiction books for something by Peretti. There was a guy on that aisle looking at other books. I picked up one from the shelf and was flipping through it, and he asked if I had any good recommendations, cause he was new to reading Peretti's books. I told him he should read Piercing the Darkness, and explained the basic idea of it; It's Christian fiction, but a non-Christian would enjoy it just as much (and hopefully it'd be of some help to them), just to throw that out there... I'm not sure if he was saved or not because I didn't ask. I regret not doing so, but if he's not I hope that reading that book opens up a new perspective for him.

Maybe one day I can be an impact on someone. I may not know if I am (like the book thing)... but if it meant helping someone spiritually, i'm perfectly fine with that.

*** Have you ever looked fear in the face
and said "I just don’t care?" ***

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