Step inside, walk this way.

Not much goin on here. It's 1:53am as I type, and I guess I'll go to bed in a minute. I'm thinking... Wednesday is gonna be a shopping day. Thrift stores and mall? VS start's their semi-annual sale today (technically it is Tuesday already) and I think Bath and Body Works does too. Usually, if you don't go the first couple of days, you won't get what you want. I always go towards the end, too, cause there is usually a good discount available to use with it.

I really need to list some things on eBay, and get it out of my house. I put everything on pause when school started, and got about halfway done with listing [some] things. Not only is it good money, but I need more space!


Oh, and I'm wondering when FB is gonna decide to import this. It's now 2am, 4/15/10.

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