Please don't rain

I haven't eaten anything today. I did get this drink called Chocolate Elvis at the smoothie place by Trak Shak today... it's supposed to be some kind of energy drink. And according to the nutrition info that sucker sure has some CARBS in it hahaha... and lots of protein. It's good I guess, first time I've had it. Tastes like... peanut butter. It's got that, bananas, cocoa, yogurt, and nonfat milk in it.

I wanna get dressed up!

And the 8k run is in the morning... omjeez it's gonna be cold. :( High is 40 degrees, man! 20% chance of rain... i'm doomed if that happens.

time to kick butt!

I picked my registration packet up earlier after school, the shirt is so cool! But it swallows me whole. :/ And it's a SMALL; I guess it runs big, maybe if I dry it it'll shrink. Last year it was long sleeve... im not a big fan of long sleeve [depends what kind of shirt it is though, i like anything that feels worn in] this year it's dark blue short sleeve - so much better! it's one of those athletic shirts... jersey material.

They're gonna have all the vendor/sponsor booths set up again... hope I can get free chick-fil-a and coffee this time too LOL. I won a facial at a spa over on 280, too. <3

That's at 8am over on St. Vincent's 119.

I hope I finish in the top few for my age group. It probably won't happen because there will probably be these little marathon runners or track members out there... but i'm gonna try.

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