I need to update my wardrobe. :[ I need $ to make that happen, LOL. I can't wait til I'm out of school, because I'm gonna start back selling on eBay. I tried it DURING school, but it just adds to my load of stress and doesn't work.

I'm going to the beach for my birthday!!! :D I'm so happy. Tanning, skimboarding, ooooo I can't wait. I'll come back dark, tired, and skinned up (most likely). BRING IT ON! >:]

I have $30 in gift cards to use at VS by the end of the month... I'm gonna get a swimsuit. Not sure which one but I have a few picked out. Definitely a strapless one, though. So cute. :D I'm gonna look for one at PacSun too.

But yeah, I want some new summer clothes. Dresses, really. And some gladiator sandals. I'm in love with those!

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