I have like 3 and a half days til my birthday! And the BEACH! Can't wait. <3

I love my haircut! :DDDDD It's soooo lightweight, lol, which is what I wanted. It may be hard to tell in pictures, but the ends have been thinned out (but I still have length!) and the rest got chopped/layered/razored. I got fringe bangs, too. I'm not quite sure if I'll always wear them that way but at least I can if I want... I like them. <3

I recorded The Apprentice last night... I already heard that Bret Michaels won, but I'm about to watch it anyway! I'm so glad he won, he's gotta be the coolest person I've ever seen on that show.  :D

By the way, I'm so sad that The Vampire Diaries won't be on for a while. :(


I'm an 80s girl.

I wish I had been born back during the 80s. It has the absolute best music apart from new country... but sometimes I like it more than country music. It's just that the songs were so real, and pure sounding, because people didn't do voice-overs and tweak their songs so dang much to make it sound good. There were actually people who could sing WITHOUT music. There are some now, too, but not like it used to be.

Whenever I go shopping again, I'll be updating with some more rockish style clothing. I wanna be in the mix of beachy rock. LOL.

And I'm gonna get my hair cut before my birthday... it's a guaranteed thing. ;P I'm gonna keep it long, but I want something different. Not sure what yet. It won't be too major considering I'd never dye my hair or have highlights put in it. I just want to be able to tell I got it cut, and I want something more light, cause my hair is soooo thick.

so... it's 1:32. I think I need to go to bed if I want to actually get up in the morning.
I may be out of school, but I have a lot of cleaning that needs to be done, and frankly, I'd rather not have to do during the weekend.



A few obsessions...

I cleaned up after I got home today. Put clothes in the wash, cleaned the kitchen, and swept. I opened the cabinet door under the sink to grab some spray cleaner for the counters and I thought "OMG I've got to get some more Swiffer refills!!!!!!!!! >:[ And this spray bottle is almost empty. I'm so glad I have like 5 more bottles downstairs!!! <3333"

...Is that weird?

I mean, I got freakin' excited because I have more cleaning supplies stocked up. Thanks to couponing, I have a few boxes of Swiffer cloths (but I go through them fast) and a lot of clorox wipes, all-purpose spray cleaner, handsoap, and dish liquid. It's like, unreal. And I don't even have 1/4 the amount that some people do, but I'm SO HAPPY!!!

Anyway. I realized some some new obsessions today.
  1. I love cleaning supplies. Not all of them, but I have favorites. Lysol/Clorox wipes, All-Purpose cleaner of any kind, and my swiffer stuff.
  2. If I start cleaning one small area, I have to clean the rest of the house. It's inevitable. 
  3. I love ogling at my small little stockpile I'm slowly building. I love it because it makes me happy to look at all of the stuff I love using, that I got FREE. I'm thinking of taking a few pics just to document where I'm at now and compare it to a few months from now.
Yep, that's me. Sometimes I feel like a crazed housewife. 


Get. Me. Out. Of. HERE!

20 days until I'll be at the beach! I'll be 19! :D So excited.

I can't wait to get out of here. Out of the house, out of Birmingham, down to the beach. I need it bad. I have such a reduction in my stress amount that it's not even funny. Is it possible for the ocean, sun, and sand to be a bad thing? Heck no. When I'm there, I don't have problems. I don't have anything to worry about. I'm away! 

I have finals this week. PreCal Monday, Spanish Tuesday, and CP Wednesday. -.- I'm ready for it to be over.