I wanna feel sunlight on my face.

[Apart from COUNTRY MUSIC], I absolutely love the 80s music. Love it.
It's so... breathtaking, in a way. The songs always have awesome music, and the artists can actually sing. Anyway, I can always find a song to listen to that will get me in a good mood. Even if it's just for a few minutes, it does.

Def Leppard is my current fav.

Quick preview:

Def Leppard
Guns N Roses
J Geils Band
John Mellencamp
The Police
Tom Petty
Robert Palmer

The second half of my library is composed of country singers, dur.

A couple of my fav songs to "sing along with":

Take On Me
Let's Get Rocked
Without or Without You
She's A Beauty

[And I give,]
[and I give...]


gaining weight

I quit running because my stupid shoes gave me blisters. It's been like 2wks since I've hit the gym! I was doing SO good with working out & running every day. I was slowly getting abs and toning up. Now I feel like I'm getting fat!

I'm not going to gain anymore weight. Not gonna happen.
I can tell I have a little.
So can the scales.
And i will lose what I have gained. >:[