Run, run, run.

The Conquer Cancer Run was absolutely incredible. The results aren't up yet but I'm sure they will be soon. It's amazing to see that many people come out (I imagine there were some who didn't because of the weather)...

One of the things Brenda said before it began was how there were going to be a lot of hills. You may get tired, sore, and want to give up, but you keep climbing them because once you reach the top there is no other feeling like it. You have a high, an assurance that you CAN do it. It might be tough, but that's when you push yourself to continue, to give it everything you have. You climb every hill like it's the last.

I met a girl that was 25 years old. A survivor. She was diagnosed at age 19 and now they say her cancer is gone - she just hit the 5 year mark. I've never actually met someone that young that was a cancer patient/survivor until then...

The 8k run started at 8am; The 1 mile walk/run started at 8:45.

I still can't believe how great it was! Last year was fun, too, but it just felt so much more real this time. It took place on St. Vincents One Nighteen and we ran through Greystone - beautiful place! Some of the people living there stood outside and cheered for the runners as did the volunteers for the event. At one corner along the road there was a truck with a man and his two little boys sitting in the back holding up signs! All of those people were such an encouragement!! It was definitely not boring. I also think that it's much easier to run when you have others around you, because you feed off their energy and their drive, you want to keep going too and give it all. Regardless of the weather, it was still fun - it just took a few minutes after it started to get warmed up hahaha. I wore my sliding shorts (it actually helped keep me warm) underneath my sweats, and my Under Amour tank for the base layer... a fleece jacket over that and then a lightweight rain jacket/windbreaker. Oh, and a headband that covered my ears haha. About halfway through I was finally sweating.

I really can't wait til next year. I finished this one in an hour and 8 min!!!!!!!!!!! lol that's not that great but I'm happy I finished with it. I think if I had ran more beforehand and trained better then I would've had a shot at the top 3 for my group. [0-19 females] BUT I will still be 19 during the run next year so I'm gonna shoot for that!

Running for cancer is one of the most exhilarating things. When I run, I think about what I'm doing for and why I'm doing it. It's about more than raise money towards finding a cure, it's also about showing your support, and doing it for all of those out there who can't.

Anyway, there's nothing that can be said about a cancer victim other than they're one HECK of a fighter.

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  1. Hey there Kana. You're a cutie. You can always come stay with me in Dallas if you wanna leave AL. lol. Free room and board!