Thunder, thunder, thunder. It makes me uneasy to sleep while it's lightning and/or thundering. :/

Simply put, I'm a pack-rat. I attempted to go through some stuff in one of the spare rooms because I'm running out of places to put things and there's a lot of stuff I really don't need to keep anymore. The bad thing is that I can look at something, try to think of ways I'll use it / why I need it, come up blank, and continue to keep it due to the fact that I hate getting rid of stuff. I keep trying to tell myself "you need this. don't throw it away." "You'll wish you had kept it." ... that's aggravating. I have to make myself throw it away, or put it in a bag to take to the Salvation Army. I'm done with that room for now and I'll finish it in the morning.

I also just ate a whole meal for the first time today. Haven't really had an appetite. I did cook earlier, but when I got done I was no longer hungry. go figure.

If anyone can get their hands on extra inserts from the sunday papers, let me know. When I get some stuff I'll make it up to you!

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