The 3 Ms

Music. Mess-ups. Missed.

I love music.
I hate mess-ups I cause.
The fact that so many things are missed is a little disheartening. (is that even a word?)

I miss the beach.
I miss summer.
I miss being able to sit outside and listen to the radio while I'm in the warm sunshine. It makes me happy.

I find music a little uplifting, depending on what it is, of course. It always cheers me up.
I just tried practicing a couple of songs on RB2 and jeez... i sucked. LOL.

Just another day.



New Years

It's been a few years since I've had fireworks to shoot for New Years. Unless something comes up to do, I might try to shoot some. Try. I shot them for the 4th of July... 2 years ago(?) or was it last year? I don't remember. Either way, I found out that those little bumblee things are fun to throw off the deck... light and throw - haha.

I've never seen the Fireworks at Red Mountain or wherever they shoot them, but I think that'd pretty cool to see.

I also have something else on my to-do list: visit NYC on New Years, maybe it's not worth the crowds and such, but at least I could see what it's like, ya know? Every time I've seen it on tv there's just sooooo many people EVERYWHERE... of course. And they always do closeups of people kissing at midnight. :D



Mele Kalikimaka (:

I'm really in the mood to be at the beach right now. I think spending Christmas there is going on my long list of things I want to accomplish - even if I only spent a few hours there on Christmas Eve... yeah, wow. So here are some pre-Christmas Christmas pictures! Enjoy :D

yeah idk... hahaha:

Yes, I made this:



There's something about the smell of suntan lotion... it's a little mind-boggling to me.
I love the way it smells, and I'm sure that sounds really weird.
It reminds me of the beach...
the sand,
the ocean,
the sun.
And besides reminding me of that, it really does smell good... I'm not sure how to describe it.
Tropical, I guess? [Duh?]

Haha... I'm crazy.

Oh well.


Be the cure


1. I still need to do Christmas shopping... [anyone else?] Maybe tomorrow. (:
2. I'm SO ready for a hair cut. I want it... rockish.
3. I think I had an epiphany today, but I forgot what it was. Oh well.
4. I feel really great about my body. I feel so in shape and healthy. I'm so ready for the 8k Run. Bring it on.
5. I refuse to think negatively today. Refuse.
6. I can FINALLY play songs on hard on RB2. For the most part. That's an accomplishment, IMO, considering I haven't really played it that much. Now I have time. I'm proud of myself! :D
7. I'm going to cook dinner soon, but idk what. It's going to include chicken.
8. I need to finish putting up like 10 things on eBay.



It only takes a minute, k?

Sometimes I procrastinate. A lot.
I have my moments, though, where I can get things done like lightning.
Over the past couple of years I've found that I clean when I'm in a bad mood.
I think it's because I have control over what the house looks like (literally; no one else is going to do it), and I can make it into whatever I want. [On that note, I think it'd be awesome to be an interior designer...]
When I'm happy, I enjoy cooking - like really cooking. All out. I cook anyway, but sometimes I enjoy it more.
I can clean a whole house... thoroughly... in... idk... 3 hours flat, if I don't quit. That's pretty good IMO, considering that includes everything, even the once-in-a-while jobs like cleaning the fridge, microwave, etc. I usually find something that doesn't really need to be messed with (like closets) and then that turns into more than just "putting something up." Which makes the time long. That's ok, though, because I know it's clean, even if I don't see it all the time. In the back of my mind, I know it's orderly. That makes me feel good.

You know what I want for Christmas? A dish washer. *wishes*
It's never gonna happen, lol.

I'm hitting the gym after my PreCal final tomorrow. The treadmill, to be exact. I'm gonna see how far I can run before I have to quit, so I'll know somehwhat where I stand as far as training goes.
Mhm. So, I'm pretty messed up. I get that. If I had a camera following me around all day I'm pretty sure I'd make an idiot of myself more than once. I don't really care.

It's who I am, k? K.