Spring cleaning.

Well, since it's spring break... time for spring cleaning. >:/
It's not that bad, though. Add music and it's a good time. ;) The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script is one of my favorite songs EVER.

I just weighed in at 123... that's a low for me (in the past 6 months). Hm, oh well. I worked out this morning, though - I seriously need it.

My basement is like total chaos right now (not that it wasn't already like that...) but now even more so since I've drug out everything to clean and such, and I don't concentrate in one spot at a time - I can't concentrate on one at a time... I look at something else that needs to be done and then I quit what I'm currently doing to go over to it.

My mind just isn't built normal. I'm okay with that.

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