A few things

First, I wish I could speak to the person who chained their dog to a vehicle and drug them... (the dog somehow lived). WHAT is wrong with you? How would you feel if someone chained you to a car and did that? Seriously?

Second, I cannot WAIT 'til summer. I need warm weather. Sunshine. Water. A tan.

Third, I just thought I'd post a little bit on myself. (:
You may or may not know these...

...I figure I'm pretty dang unique. I'm a Christian. I'm 1/4 Hawaiian. I'm not all-out country but I'm not ashamed to be called so, because I like it. I really love the oldies rock, and like the overall rock&roll style. Clothing, hair, etc. I'm athletic, but I also like dressing up and just being pretty. I really do like to be crazy and just have fun when I get the opportunity. I like who I am. (:

...I frequently miss the correct exit, turn, etc. if I don't really know where I'm going or I haven't been there before. This really only happens when I'm trying to find something that's located amongst a ton of other things...

...I can't stand it when I'm walking in the store or anywhere crowded and someone just STOPS right in front of me. And if you're gonna stop for more than a few seconds, at least move off to the side so people don't trip over you or run into someone else trying to go around you.

...If you ever find me in a grocery store, please don't think I'm going to be in a hurry. I take my time unless I'm like tired or I just want to leave/go home.

...I wish I could find people to take pictures of. I'd really like to take pictures of shadows, you know like people walking, or something. And just for the fun of it, I would really love to get those really cool pictures taken on the beach - you know, like sitting in the sand, in the water, walking along the shore, sitting on the rocks, just pretty pictures. (: But I can't take them myself, OF myself... hahaha. I'd love to make my own portfolio of pictures I've taken - I think photography is one of the easiest but sometimes hardest type of art.

...I've always wanted to have a "movie marathon." Just get a bunch of movies I've never seen and watch them one evening/night.

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