Be the cure


1. I still need to do Christmas shopping... [anyone else?] Maybe tomorrow. (:
2. I'm SO ready for a hair cut. I want it... rockish.
3. I think I had an epiphany today, but I forgot what it was. Oh well.
4. I feel really great about my body. I feel so in shape and healthy. I'm so ready for the 8k Run. Bring it on.
5. I refuse to think negatively today. Refuse.
6. I can FINALLY play songs on hard on RB2. For the most part. That's an accomplishment, IMO, considering I haven't really played it that much. Now I have time. I'm proud of myself! :D
7. I'm going to cook dinner soon, but idk what. It's going to include chicken.
8. I need to finish putting up like 10 things on eBay.


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