New Years

It's been a few years since I've had fireworks to shoot for New Years. Unless something comes up to do, I might try to shoot some. Try. I shot them for the 4th of July... 2 years ago(?) or was it last year? I don't remember. Either way, I found out that those little bumblee things are fun to throw off the deck... light and throw - haha.

I've never seen the Fireworks at Red Mountain or wherever they shoot them, but I think that'd pretty cool to see.

I also have something else on my to-do list: visit NYC on New Years, maybe it's not worth the crowds and such, but at least I could see what it's like, ya know? Every time I've seen it on tv there's just sooooo many people EVERYWHERE... of course. And they always do closeups of people kissing at midnight. :D


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