New Years Resolutions?

Yes, I have some. Quite a few, actually!

No particular order.
1. Read my Bible every day. I have trouble keeping it consistent.
2. Get back to working out 3x/week - no excuses. I love the way it makes me feel and it keeps me healthy, and well, I like being fit.
3. Drink water more often. I try to drink at least 3 glasses a day, but I fail at drinking 8.
4. Figure out what major I want/what career I want. God help me.
5. Get back into guitar playing.
6. Learn new recipes. I know I can do this. :P
7. Incorporate 80s/rock inspired pieces into my style. Eh, seems like something fun to go for... lol.
8. Clearer skin, please.
9. Watch more comedy movies. I've seen a few lately, but there's a whole list of movies I haven't...
10. Try my hand at photography. Like, a professional style, kinda.
11. At least attempt modeling, whether or not it actually happens. I'm hoping to help some photography students at school if the opportunity arises... I read a few "want ads" for that, but it was way past when they were actually written. That'd be pretty awesome and fun!
12. Buy a pair of black heels. Cause I don't have any and I want some.
13. Save even more money. ;)
14. Feel like my age. You know, continue to have more fun, all of that. Sometimes I feel like I should be in my mid- or late twenties for some reason. Guess cause of all that I've been through.

15. Have the best birthday party ever. ;]
16. Find a new church.
17. Get my ears pierced. This probably won't happen... lol. But it's a good goal, I guess!

18. Spend more time with my dad. I do a lot already, but more won't hurt.
19. Don't underestimate myself.
20. Read more. Gotta find some good books.
21. Take more pictures with friends. I'm lacking photos!

I guess that's all for now. I have some of these written down and posted in my room. :]

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